CART by Jonathan

CART service for hearing-impared persons in any setting - education, meetings, governmental and corporate training sessions, seminars and conventions, medical appointments, to name a few.

Waltham, Massachusetts (Boston Metro Area)

About Jonathan Young

Jonathan Young graduated from Princeton University with an AB degree in Germanic Languages and Literatures, and has pursued studies in half a dozen other languages. He has had a distinguished career as a court reporter in the Boston metropolitan area for forty years, and now specializes in CART, particularly in higher education. He has received certification at the highest levels (RMR, CRR, and RDR) from the National Court Reporters Association and has qualified a number of times in its Speed Contest at readings up to 280 words per minute.

In 2002, in recognition of his service as a CART reporter to hearing-impaired and deaf-blind persons, Jonathan was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters.

Jonathan works principally as a sole practitioner, but can call upon the services of other highly experienced CARTers for events at which simultaneous sessions are being held.

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